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William Harrington sculpts with maple branches, old canoes, bicycle gears and metal tubes welded together with equal portions of whimsy and irony.

The Holliston resident’s special kind of sculpting incorporates a handyman’s mixed bag of skills including welding, woodworking, painting, staining and imagining.

The sculptures Harrington builds from unlikely materials will make you look twice — or more. You might ask how he made them and what they mean. Maybe you’ll shake your head. At the very least, you’ll smile. Possibly, you’ll laugh outright.

Read more: http://www.metrowestdailynews.com/news/x127281975/Holliston-artist-is-The-Shape-Shifter

Will's website is www.williamharringtonsculptor.com
Gedas Paskauskas
A native of Rhode Island, Gedas Paskauskas began his art education in 1970 at the School of the Worcester Art Museum. After graduation, he continued with private study with Rober Douglas Hunter in Boston. In 1975, Gedas began a career as a commercial photographer and later as a mural artist. Co-founding Bopas, Inc. in 1981, a mural and decorative painting company, he branched out to form Gedas Paskauskas Studios, Inc. in 2005. http://gpstudiosinc.com/

His personal work reflects his observation of nature, but transposes light and form to convey a more personal sentiment, reducing visual information to the elements of pure expression. Gedas divides his work and time between his studios in Boston and Little Compton, RI.

Gedes's work will be up until mid April. Visit his website at http://www.gedasp.net/portfolio.htm
Barbara Levine
Past Artists
Barbara A. Levine resides in beautiful historic South Natick, Massachusetts. Primarily a plein air painter, her studio moves around the New England landscape although she does keep studio space in South Natick. She has studied painting with North Shore (MA) Boston School,Impressionist painter David Curtis,Boston painter George Nick, Master painters in the Boston School Robert Cormier and Robert Douglas Hunter, Boston artist Charlotte Gibbs,Cape Cod Impressionist School painter Robert Longly, Israeli artist Elie Shamir and Boston painter and installation artist Michael Dowling. She has studied drawing with Judy Ryan at the MFA and Dudty Flectcher at Decordova Museum and water color with Marjorie Glick.

Gail Davis
Gail Davis is a prolific painter based in the Boston area. Her work is largely commissioned for specific residential or work space environments. Her designs can be produced in any size or configuration. 
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Jane O'Hara
O'Hara communicates her vision of the animal condition. The insensitivity, or conversely, the pampering and casting of human traits onto the animal, both disturb and intrigue her. She comments on these tendencies with humor and irony in her artwork. Viewers are initially drawn in by the comforting humor and beauty of O'Hara's fabricated worlds, but they are then challenged by the circumstances, and are delivered to her final intent—a world where her animals speak from a place of honesty about their state and humans' relationship to that.   http://www.janeohara.com

See where Jane is showing currently:
Karin Stanley
KARIN STANLEY is a native Irish sculptor and garden designer living in New England. The Spirit of her work in garden design and art is drawn from the landscape and garden elements of Ireland and Scotland. Karin’s art is inspired by the interplay of sun and shadow with the essential elements of stone, metal, water, fire, and wood. She is fascinated by the power and simplicity of Megalithic art and the archaeological elements one finds in Ireland and Scotland. In both her sculpture and garden design, Karin’s designs exude the energy and spirit generated by ancient landmarks, particularly the symbolic hieroglyphs that evoke nostalgia and resonate with the organic elements that have existed for millennia. 

Lauren Langevin
Langevin believes her teenage passion for knitting evolved over the ensuing decades into her present fascination with creating textile art. "I actually like the physical act of knitting. The sound of a sewing machine gets me in a rhythm. After 25 years working in the corporate world, I find this very therapeutic," she said. "I don't look at myself as a traditional quilter. I look at myself as a fabric artist.""It's about the fabric. You use the fabric as a medium. It's like painting with fabric," she said.

Michael Frederick
A professional portraitist as a teenager, Frederick studied art at the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Fla. His painted scenarios glow with the feverish intensity of a blind man whose vision has been suddenly restored.

A solitary bird flees raging hill fires. Blimps resembling Ronald McDonald float ominously over a city. Arms folded across his chest, a gaunt man lies in a roadside ditch as a crow hovers overhead.

Offering no explanations, Frederick lets viewers create their own stories to explain the sense of vague menace overtaking picket fence suburbia. ``I'm trying to paint mini-dramas of the human condition,'' he said. ``I don't see a Thomas Kinkaid kind of world.''

Natalie Giadry
Natalie Gaidry began her career as an artist when she was two, by painting her younger sister's hair a bright purple color. Since then, her creative talent has continued to develop, taking her through numerous stages to her current vibrant and markedly personal style. Objects are distorted, and colors are intensified. This, Gaidry is telling us, is how reality appears to an artist with a keen sensibility for all that is visually arresting in our world.

Sarah Faulkner
Sarah was raised on a farm in Virginia. It was during this time she lived with ultimate freedom, simplicity and imagination. The barefoot years. These qualities are reflected in each of her creative endeavors. In 2006, Sarah moved to Western North Carolina. Since this time, she has applied her artistic experience toward a new body of work; acrylic and wax painting. The spirit and tranquility of the mountains continues to inspire and infuse her works.  

Roy Nydorf

Roy Nydorf is an award-winning carver, printmaker, painter and draftsman. He has exhibited nationally and internationally, and is represented in numerous public collections, including the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, and the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. He attended the Art Students League of New York, and State University of New York at Albany; received his Bachelor of Arts from State University of New York at Brockport; and earned a Master of Fine Arts with honors from Yale University. 

Virgina Fitzpatrick
it all began on wells beach, me. in 2006. i had an idea of an image of a dress and while walking on the beach one morning i picked up a stick to see what this 'dress' would look like. i drew a sleeveless, life sized dress and filled it in with the beautiful beach rocks & then proceeded to let the high tide take it away ~ giving me a new, clean canvas on which to make another dress. the process felt so right and so gratifying that for the rest of the vacation i made a dress! & each day i would walk the beach with no preconceived idea and would just listen to which material i was to use that day...  


William Harrington
Wendy Hodge
Wendy is a local Natick painter